Discussion about comeback stand-up comedian Louis C. K.

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For many years, was Louis C. K. known for his harsh jokes about the sometimes shameful behavior of men towards women and how they are influenced by their sexual desires and endless gemasturbeer. Last year was unfortunately that his joke about that ” constant perverted sexual thoughts to him in an idiot to change, really, no joke. In november 2017 gave C. K admits that he has female colleagues, and invited to his hotel room and in their presence masturbated. Since then, the stand-upper is banned from comedy clubs, but according to fellow stand-uppers, he is now long enough to be punished and it is time to return to the spotlight.

Louis C. K.

Although particularly owners and PR agencies to think that Louis C. K. especially with sincere apologies must come and themselves in serious programs must be seeing, thinking, fellow stand-uppers that he should do what he has always done: a strong show drop about his misconduct. “He needs to work on his best program ever about what a bastard he is and how he wants to do with women.”, explains Christopher Titus to the Hollywood Reporter. “But it must not be easy. If a tramp had been that your woman had done, then we had willed that he is in prison rotting away.”, he continues. “The only way he can come back with, for example, a special of one hour which is clearly why he was wrong and how much regret he has.”, fills Sean Patton with him.

Aida Rodriguez, who to her jokes, especially commitment to the emancipation of women think even that Louis C. K. can actually help women to protect. “His supporters was not only huge, but consisted also mainly of men. He has the chance men and women to reconcile and men to learn more about how you are with women would have to go. If he has his shortcomings stressed, he may, perhaps, to a few men penetrate and so prevent women will be a victim of sexual harassment.”

Louis C. K. itself has not yet commented on his possible comeback.

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