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“Deformed” world cup stadium with buitentribune passes last test

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The renovated stadium in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg has successfully completed a final test before the upcoming fifa world cup in Russia (June 14-July 15) passed.

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS has the Yekaterinburg Arena has a capacity of 35,000 spectators. The building is striking because there are some noodtribunes were built, a metal structure with a height of 42 metres, partly out of the stadium and without protection against rain and wind. So was the capacity increased from 23.000 to 35.000 spectators, the minimum for a stadium at the world cup.

Tourists and fans who are on the special stands, they want to sit, there are, however, for the effort. Those places belong to the cheapest category and are therefore reserved for the Russian fans. The Red Devils play at the world cup no competition in Ekaterinburg. The group matches of the Belgians will be played in Sochi, Moscow and Kaliningrad, the possible eighth final in Moscow or Rostov.

“We were a little worried”

Initially, there were a lot of question marks placed in the peculiar construction. “We were a little worried”, had Alexander Meytin, security manager for the Russian first division, admit it. “It was the first time that we have the temporary stands fully in use names and everything went well. The safety of the existing fans is never jeopardized, and the tribunes resisted the fierce winds.”

With less than two months to go before the opening match of the world cup is the final phase of the ticket sales on a Wednesday start. This period runs until 15 July, the day of the final. In this stage, in principle, only seats in neutral boxes sold. In total, there were almost 1.7 million tickets to sell.

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