Data of ‘much more than 87 million facebook users’ leaked

b0c1466d50a6862abba288b4832f97de - Data of ‘much more than 87 million facebook users’ leaked

The figure of 87 million people whose Facebookgegevens are compromised by the abuses at Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, is an underestimation. That claims to be an ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica that Tuesday in the British parliament came to testify about the scandal.

Cambridge Analytica had a whole series of persoonlijkheidstestjes developed to data of users from the social network. The ‘personality test’ Thisismydigitallife of Aleksandr Kogan, is but one example of this: the data of everyone who made this app, used it, and their friends, were by Cambridge Analytica abused. According to Facebook, it went to 87 million people, especially in the United States. Among them were also 61.000 Belgians.

According to Brittany Kaiser, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica ” is almost certain is that the number of facebook users whose data was being abused, much larger than 87 million. ‘The datasets and queries of Kogan were not the only one with Facebook linked questionnaires that we used, ” said Kaiser in a parliamentary committee. “I am aware, in general terms, of a wide range of tests that were carried out by Cambridge Analytica or partners, usually with a Facebooklogin.’

The former Cambridge Analytica employee gave the example of the ‘sex ‘ compass’quiz. According to Kaiser, were both Cambridge Analytica as other companies and campaigns engaged in such activities.

Facebook had first the number of affected users is estimated at 50 million, but that had to all adjust to 87 million.

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