Critical report on EU-accession of Turkey

611200f181e4a57ec30d59b6e3a20cba - Critical report on EU-accession of Turkey

STRASBOURG – Turkey is becoming further and further removed from the European Union. The accession negotiations remain in the refrigerator, but the European Commission recommends in its annual progress report not to the calls to abandon permanently. However, should Ankara “without delay” the state of emergency lifting.

The Turkish president Erdogan.

After the foiled coup of 2016 was in Turkey sharply backward with basic freedoms, independent judiciary and the reform of the public administration, the commission said. The mass dismissals and arrests of suspected opponents of the government to bear the major concerns, as well as the curtailment of basic rights. Turkey gets a boost for the economic performance and the reception of nearly 4 million refugees.

The member states are not prepared to permanently unplug the power cord from the negotiations to attract, partly because of the importance of Turkey in the field of migration and counter-terrorism.

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