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Coucke wants also stadium building (and he already knows where)

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The dynamism of Marc Coucke seems to be no end to come. The Anderlecht-chairman now wants a brand new stadium build. One of the prime locations that he has in mind, is located in Neerpede, in addition to the current oefencomplex. That said Coucke in the VRT-program Pano. Anderlecht had already from that there is certainly a football temple with space for 30,000 spectators can be increased.

Marc Coucke wants to Anderlecht international appearance. The billionaire needs a new team build, but also makes plans for a brand new stadium. If he together with the crew of the Pano the training and youth centre visit in Neerpede let Coucke is mentioned: ‘This would definitely as the location for the new stadium that I want to build.’ The high word is out. Coucke wants to build himself a stadium to finance and operate under its own management.

Already before the advent of Marc Coucke was Neerpede under the microscope as an interesting location. It is a district of Anderlecht, and is located right next to the Brussels ring. The availability is good and the club hold all the ground. Purple and white now has his training center for the youth, the hockey club claim and is also the owner of the ski slope that there is now. With a little cooperation from the government, there can be as much as 15 acres of land together measured a bit. Enough for a stadium for 30,000 spectators with the attendant for another three or four thousand additional parking spaces. The nuisance for the local residents, there may also be limited by access roads to create through the golf courses that there are today.

The municipality of Anderlecht is certainly not against the idea known. The biggest football club of the country remains so bound to the municipality that the club its name confers, but Anderlecht is no longer housed in the centre. That solves the current major problems in the streets around the Vanden stock stadium. No parkeerellende more on race days and also not necessarily, more for the local residents.

Vanden stock stadium road?

The grounds are also registered as a recreation area, and not as nature or agriculture, which is the process in obtaining building permits is also somewhat would have to facilitate much of the remaining land is now owned by the municipality. The other pieces must still be acquired from the Brussels Region. In addition, the municipality of Anderlecht also already have plans with the current Vanden stock stadium. They can have it transform into a multicomplex with apartments, shops, offices and even a school…

Still, the new football temple also not to be expected. Recently showed Marc Coucke mentioned that he is Anderlecht over five years still in the Vanden stock stadium to see football. But once the flamboyant businessman has his sights on something set, it comes usually also.

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