Cirque du Soleil blinds in 2019 in Antwerp down

The international troupe Cirque du Soleil, stroke of 14 to march 17, 2019 in the Antwerp Sportpaleis down. The spectacle “Toruk”, inspired by the movie “Avatar” by James Cameron, is on the shelves. That announces the company announced today.

Cirque du Soleil takes the audience into the universe of James Cameron, and also the trademark of the director, including multimediaprojecties and a soundtrack, “cinematic touches”.

The show is told by a Na’vi, the name of the indigenous population on the planet of Pandora, whose “Avatar” tells the story. “Toruk” takes place thousands of years for the intrigue in the film. A disaster threatens the tree of souls to destroy, and two boys of the Omatikaya tribe depart on examination, together with their new friend Tsyal, the Toruk, a predator that reigns supreme over the skies of Pandora, that which would help them in order for the Na’vi sacred tree to the rescue.

The artistic direction is in the hands of Guy Laliberté and Jean-François Bouchard for Cirque du Soleil, as well as James Cameron, Jon Landau, Kathy Franklin and Richie Baneham of Lightstorm Entertainment.

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