Child soldiers are released in South Sudan

44d49e74940e18db3e26212a5513df08 - Child soldiers are released in South Sudan

YAMBIO – Armed groups in South Sudan to let more than two hundred child soldiers free. According to UN’s leading organization for children UNICEF is the result of negotiations of the organization and the government of South Sudan two armed groups in the country

The total to 112 boys and 95 girls as child soldiers lived. Tuesday they contribute during a special ceremony in their uniforms. The children will be registered and medically examined. They run, then take part in a reintegration programme, and given the coming months, and psychosocial support.

In February of this year, 348 children released. There are still more actions are planned to be child soldiers in may and June. South Sudan since 2011 independent. The fighting since 2013 with the northern neighbor Sudan, and in addition perform a variety of tribes in the country constantly fight with each other.

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