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Chairman Mouscron is not set up with legal action of KV Mechelen and will itself take steps

3b185952cf918c67f8ee30a237164acb - Chairman Mouscron is not set up with legal action of KV Mechelen and will itself take steps

Mouscron-president Patrick Declerck is angry, because his club for the fourth season in a row, her licentiedossier need to defend for the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS). After Cercle Brugge and Lierse in 2015 and Westerlo last season, fighting degradant KV Mechelen this year the proflicentie of the Henegouwers. “It is tradition, but we look with confidence to the seat”, responded Declerck.

“I am very angry. It’s the fourth time in a row that one Mouscron over the BASS attack. It is a tradition that a team that degrades the license of Mouscron contesting,” said the flamboyant chairman. “The Man is very serious and very seriously. That commission will now be a wipe out of the pan. I share the licenses and also don’t know why, Mouscron, each time stamped. Each year, the other clubs about information, but the previous three times, they caught each bone.”

“This severely hampers our new season. Transfers will be blocked, and also sponsors are beginning to have doubts. I do not understand that another club just like that in appeal against a decision of a neutral man. That makes me very angry”, foetert Declerck. “I can understand that a team like KV Mechelen, who invested a lot, and a new stadium to build, disappointed. But according to me, is football primarily played on a field.”

Mouscron do not and will in turn take legal action against the Townspeople. “During the last general meeting of the Pro League, I have already dropped that we steps would take action against clubs who we should attack. Now I will have the deed to the word.”

KV Mechelen announced Tuesday to appeal to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS) against the decision of the licensing committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) for a license to Mouscron. Malinwa was to say contacted by several persons who reported that there is a problem with the license of Mouscron. The Henegouwers had the past three seasons from time to time to give an explanation on their alleged links with players ‘ agents, but the BASS held that the rules of the belgian football association were not violated.

KV Mechelen will now ask a thorough research and start an interim injunction against the belgian football association. “Until we are certain that at the time of grant of the licences the conditions were respected, we want to be as a seventeenth club in 1A took office,” said the club.

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