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Cardano and Verge price rise: Short – or long-term Investment?

2ea3f07941c4ab635c23ee33a507337b - Cardano and Verge price rise: Short - or long-term Investment?

Contrary to the current market the trend within the last 24 sideways, were able to Cardano and the Verge, however, a strong rally, which led to a two-digit Kuranstieg. If you want high up, but it may also fall deep.

For a long time it was quiet at the crypto currency of Switzerland, the currencies secretly and quietly the 7th largest Crypto (measured as the market has pushed capitalization).

Yesterday, Cardano, the stock exchange has been added to Huobi, Trading will be unlocked starting today. The cryptocurrency will find its way to one of the largest crypto-currency exchanges in the world.

The Cardano price rose within a few hours to more than 20% and reached its Peak with a price of 0.21 Euro per Coin. The market capitalization rose within the shortest possible time to 5.34 billion euros.

In the final minutes to the writing time (8:30) there was a sharp sell-off and the price dropped almost to the initial level of the day yesterday. More than 60% of the trading volume came from the stock exchange Upbit, so this sudden price increase could be caused by a Pump.

The listing of a crypto-currency to a new Exchange is always a good sign, however, such a sudden rise in price appears to be unnatural. Whether the course can again pick up momentum, or if the Pump is over, it will show in the next hours.

Currently, the developer team is working on Cardano Shelley, which will make the network decentralized. The Work on this project are almost completed and the Release is planned for Q2 or Q3. Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, describes the project as a great step on the, he is very proud of (freely translated):

Shelley is a great project that a lot of the work is the optimization of processes and scientific dependencies within the Cardano Öksystems.

Shelley is the next milestone on the Cardano roadmap, replacing Byron, and the project is decentralized and align. Cardano is in development still at the beginning, so this project has, in our view, still a lot of potential.

As we reported yesterday on the Verge is known today, with which company the “never dagewesense partnership in the crypto universe” is closed. The spectacle, or the announcement, to take place at 16 o’clock German time.

Due to the Hype driven the price of Verge within the last 24 to 27% per cent on a price of 0.085 Euro per Coin increased. The market capitalization has risen to 1,271 billion euros. This has pushed Verge of 21st place on the 18th place of the largest crypto-currencies.

The course will explode in our opinion, either, if the Partner is, indeed, a heavy weight in the industry or in great disappointment at first in the bottomless fall. Both from our point of view.

Today in the afternoon after 16 o’clock we will know more and the investors are either overjoyed or very upset on the Verge of a Team.

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