Boy so allergic to the sun every day a special suit carries

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LOS ANGELES – A plastic hood over his head, a special gloves: the seven-year-old Oliver Kei from the Us state of California must every day to protect against the sun. The boy is extremely allergic and therefore need a special suit to sunlight and other UV rays weert.

Kei suffers from the rare disease Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). The condition ensures that the skin cannot repair damage caused by sunlight and other UV radiation. Patients such as Oliver Stone, have about 1000 times more likely to have skin cancer than people who don’t XP suffer. About 1 in a million people have this condition.

Each day Oliver dressed like that he is not UV-radiation directly on the skin. Do Oliver’s parents by the boy a plastic cap in front of his face to hang and gloves to put on.

Oliver’s mother, Noelle Kei (45) is working daily to extra UV-resistant fabric in the clothes of her son to sew, and also, the boy every day, quite rubbed with sunscreen.

The windows in the house and in the car of Oliver’s family have a UV-resistant layer and even the lights in the classroom have a cover for the American boy to protect. Mother Noelle says that the amount of measures ‘tiring’, but that the hours after sunset a lot of the season. Oliver lives for those ‘sun-safe’hours and says in interview with Metro: “I love it when it is dark, because then I can finally get my suit off. That feels great.”

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