Big boss VTM get on

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At the end of this month will be Peter Bossaert say goodbye to MEDIALAAN, parent company of oa VTM, Qmusic and Mobile Vikings. He worked for more than 20 years at the company, first as commercial director (1997), then as general director of radio (2000), and since 2012 as CEO of MEDIALAAN and Qmusic Netherlands. Recently, he led the new unified media company de Persgroep Publishing and MEDIALAAN, which is under construction.

Under the direction of Peter Bossaert is MEDIALAAN evolved from a classic tv – and radiobedrijf to a contemporary digital and multi-dimensional media company. He was also part of the basis of the fusieplannen between BRUSSEL and de Persgroep Publishing, which last year already got form in the single advertising agency. After the full merger, a new company has emerged that every day, 85% of the respondents reached, on all platforms.

Peter Bossaert: “After 21 years, I leave MEDIALAAN, and The School with so much pride, so much love for this company and most of all for the team, all that great talent. I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved. The digitization, the media landscape in recent years been thoroughly redrawn. The merger with De Persgroep Publishing was and is the right strategic choice. I will that new company will not itself lead, because there is a difference of vision between the group and myself, about how this beautiful toekomstverhaal should be flying. That is not bad, because we go from each other with the greatest mutual respect. And, how you are going to tackle, the future is assured, the foundations are there.”

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