Benedict Cumberbatch: ’Am loving for bullies’

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Benedict Cumberbatch

Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch will find that teenagers their bullies with love have to deal with. “It’s a very difficult topic, but you should try empathy.”

In an interview with the 14-year-old YouTube star Sophia Grace tells Cumberbatch what he are younger I would advise if he is being bullied. “How heavy it is, it is important that you lovingly reacts and tries to understand why people others want to hurt. That is only because they themselves are also hurt. So it is best for you personally to attract, because it’s not really about you. The bully knows you not really and only for the purpose of themselves to feel better. Cover it with the mantle of love.”

When the Sherlock actor asked how you with for example fear of flying to go, jokes he: “You must not drink alcohol, that is the real problem!” Then, he explains that it does not help to think logically, because fear is an emotion which is where clear thinking is rarely affected. “But you must face your fears or face, otherwise it will only get worse.”

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