Amnesty: ‘Women with tyres massively exploited in Iraqi refugee camps’

a66b882e04c56cb5100d3b2e160df05c - Amnesty: ‘Women with tyres massively exploited in Iraqi refugee camps’

Women who have possible ties with the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) in the Iraqi refugee camps on a large scale, discriminated against and sexually exploited. That sues the human rights organization Amnesty International in a Tuesday report published. Amnesty international calls on the Iraqi government to act against the abuses.

The report of Amnesty is based on interviews with 92 women in eight camps for internally displaced persons in the Iraqi provinces of Nineveh and Salah ad-Din. There were also employees of ngos, members of kampbesturen and UN officials were interviewed.

The testimonies show that Iraqi women and children in domestic refugee camps on a large scale are being discriminated against when it is suspected that they were affiliated with. So is them with food and medical care denied.

Sexual exploitation

Amnesty states that in each of the eight camps also involve sexual exploitation of women by security forces, armed guards and militiamen. The women are forced to sexual acts in exchange for money, humanitarian aid or protection.

‘Iraqi women and children whom it is assumed that they have ties with, to be punished for crimes they have not committed, ” says Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty’s director of research for the Middle East. “These families, who were driven from their community, they have nowhere and no one to visit. They are stuck in camps, disowned, and without access to water, food and other basic necessities.’

‘Humiliating collective punishment’

Amnesty fears that the ‘humiliating collective punishment’ may lead to new violence in Iraq. ‘That’s how you build not to the just and lasting peace, where the Iraqis are so desperate to desire and which they so need.”

The human rights organization calls on the Iraqi government to put an end to the abuses. “The Iraqi government must show that its serious about ending the violence against these women, all of the offenders accountable, and all the armed men in the access to the ontheemdenkampen to deny,” says Maalouf.

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