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Altcoin-market analysis KW16 – A green spring, currencies, beginning in the Cryptographic

The whole market capital is increased at the beginning of this week to 265 billion euros. All crypto-currencies were able to show gains, up to Litecoin, even in the two digit percentage range. Whether this upward trend continue, however, on the Basis of the indicators is questionable.

NamePrice in €Market capital in €billionChange on last week %Course evaluationSupport in €Resistance in €
Bitcoin6561,04111,41The 14.71neutral6.202,866.838,35
Bitcoin Cash614,1710,4913,88rather bearish500,23703,60
Litecoin102,915,776,24rather bearish91,32109,14
EOS6,535,234,8rather bearish6,297,63
Cardano0,194,8243,99more bullish0,160,21
IOTA1,293,5752,89more bullish1,041,38

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with the highest market capital, which is expressed in billion euros. For crypto-currencies, which are not currently directly in Euro exchangeable, the respective trading pair with the US Dollar as a Basis and converted into Euro.

The last week was for every investor with a pleasant interruption of the Downward or Sideways trend of the last few months. At the end of the last week many of the classes broke out, were able to overcome the the exponential moving averages described in Resistances, and rate increases from an average of 28 % can be achieved. The price of Bitcoin could have “only” just under a 15% price increase. Only Bitcoin, Cash and Litecoin have performed worse. It means “bad”, however, a lower rate increase of 6 %, which is also not to be despised.

The total market capital increased from 221 billion Euro to the current level of 265 billion euros. In between fell the market capital of 208 billion euros, but was able to recover again.

The structure of the Top 10 has changed a bit. In the meantime, the EOS could rise to 5th place, but the price is now back to square 6. In addition, IOTA was able to rise above NEO.

Even if the price developments of the last week were very good, it’s still a little early, back to the Moon and Lambo-flags. One of the Top 5 crypto-currencies show divergent behavior between the course and the development of Indicators. A rising price is accompanied by a case, MACD, and RSI indicators, which is generally a lot of bids due soon characters.

Best price development: IOTA

Whether it’s the upcoming Trinity Wallet, the mysterious project Q or the new website are the reasons – the IOTA course in the last week by over 50%. The beginning of made, as is the case with so many currencies in the last week, a massive Pump, the IOTA about the exponential moving average of could values EMA50 and EMA100 lift. Although of course learned since then, a small consolidation after a former support line has been tested, but, nevertheless, the course seems to be in a stable upward movement.

A positive and rising MACD and an RSI at 68 lead to a more bullish impression. A little concerned with the divergence between the price action and the RSI, however, is not on the RSI transferable. Those who had invested last week, should now realize first of all their profits and a Stop Loss at the 23.6% of the Fib Retracement Level at 1.25 Euro. Those who now want to go Long, should set Loss to the same Stop. Should the share price fall, were the Fib Retracement Level at 38.2 % and 50 % and 61.8%, available Supports, and entry points. The latter Support at 1.04 Euro falls on, he falls but is currently around the EMA50. The Resistance and the first Target is the former Support described and is 1,38 Euro.

Worst Course Development: Litecoin

Really bad the Litecoin price not performed: A rate increase of 6 % is a profit, which would trigger in other asset classes and heart attacks. Other crypto-currencies have developed, but it is better and so is Litecoin the infamous place of “loser of the week”. In the process, Litecoin, like so many other currencies could by a bold Pump, the exponential moving averages EMA50 and EMA100 overcome, ran in the by the Maximum of the beginning of April-defined Resistance. Currently, the EMA100-described Support is tested.

The positive, but falling MACD and the RSI at 53 to speak together with the rate and Trend of a more bearish language. In the current sideways phase is not recommended a Long Position, the Test EMA100 should be awaited. Daredevils can also use the EMA100-described Support at 102,56 EUR as a Stop Loss. Should the course under the EMA100 fall, would be the next important Support Level before the big Pump at 91,32 Euro to find. The Resistance and first Target will be the Maximum from the beginning of April is described and is 109,14€.

Stability of the Top 10

Even if EOS had to lose his 5th place, currencies of the distance between these two Cryptographic just. An increase of 11 % would raise EOS back on Litecoin. Even scarcer is the distance between EOS and Cardano is: Should increase the Cardano-rate of 7%, would EOS be the place displaces. Even scarcer is the distance between IOTA and NEO, which are only separated by 3% of each other. For a new entry in the Top 10 Monero or NEM, whose market capital is currently almost identical must overcome, at least 39%. Also in the field of crypto of the currencies is easier said than done.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by 23%. The majority of crypto-currencies has performed better than Bitcoin. For the Top 100, the result is clear: Here are the rates developed with an average increase of 32% better than Bitcoin.

The largest price gains were the primary to make crypto-currencies with smaller market capital: Mithril and Golem were able to triple their rates triple or double. However, Bytecoin, Bitcoin Private and 9 more crypto course were able to achieve currencies gains over 50%.

The “loser” of the week, Tether and Binance Coin. Tether did what you expect from a Stablecoin and did not change his course at all. Binance Coin can only point to a rise of 2%, which depends primarily on the Coin Burn-related price fall. None of the crypto currencies in the Top 100, there has been this week’s negative price developments. A total of 20% have a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin is correspondingly fallen slightly and is now 42.1 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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