“Albania and Macedonia is ready for EU-call’

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STRASBOURG – It is time for Albania and Macedonia to enter negotiations on accession to the European Union. That recommendation the European Commission to the 28 EU countries. Both candidates have sufficient progress, according to Brussels, but there is still a long way to go, particularly in terms of corruption and crime.

Brussels flirt longer with the six countries of the western Balkans that the EU want to join. Commission president Juncker traveled last spring along the six capitals with the message that they perspective on accession keep, but their mutual conflicts to resolve. He said Tuesday that the EU is open for new member states from the Balkan region to a new war in the region to avoid.

With Serbia (2012) and Montenegro (2014) for the past several years of difficult negotiations. Brussels has 2025 as “indicative”‘ richtjaar for accession mentioned, but diplomats consider that is not realistic. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo remain potential candidates

’The netherlands is very tight

The EU leaders come the end of may together in Sofia for a summit on the western Balkans. According to Foreign minister Stef Block can not be gemarchandeerd with the accession criteria. Candidate countries must first of great progress to show, according to the minister. “The netherlands are very strict.”

The French president, Macron showed Wednesday, also expressed concern with his statement that the EU first did the intern in order have to get before countries recover.

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