After Dotan now Hans Teeuwen ’excuusvideo’

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Following In the footsteps of Dotan, who Monday afternoon with a video message came in which he admitted to have made use of fake accounts on social media for self-promotion, has now also Hans Teeuwen the boetekleed attracted. The comedian made a ’excuusvideo ” in which he and the troubled singer a lot on the heel.

Hans Teeuwen

“Hi, I wanted to briefly respond to some issues that the coming week is likely to go out come across messages on social media,” says Hans, sitting in an identical setting as in the video of Dotan. “At the beginning of my career – and also mid-way and now, at the end – I have occasionally made use of social media, to create a certain image. I have afterwards great regret.”

The Brabant comedian says is very much to be ashamed for the things that are not completely honest. “The story that I was with a group of rheumatic patients in a van to the Euromast’ve gone to them since the day of their life, to give is not completely true. There was no van and they also had no rheumatism. There was absolutely no one. (…) It is not that I, because I now that stories have devised, in the real life negative stand across the Faculty. I will my whole life the faculty are sympathetic and hope that they have something to find. Because people should be able to pinch.”

Hans says later in the video that the message that he now proclaims, ’not entirely truthful’. “The vibration that you now hear in my voice is acted. And in all honesty I say: it is now February 2017, I don’t know when I go to release, just when the time is right. But there is also a video ready for the insincerity of this video. And I have a feeling that I have come in a spiral of excuusvideo’s, where one video an excuse elicits, and that one, and that one… And I’m afraid the rest of my life working will have to apologize.”

The Volkskrant revealed last weekend that from 2011, at least 140 false profiles have been created on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the image Dotan to brush.

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