8 well-known Flemish people open restaurant

8 well-known Flemish people open restaurant

4 well-known duo with a passion for good food will soon be immersed in the most intensive special restaurant experience ever. In the brand-new VTM-programme 2-Star Restaurant, store, Roel Vanderstukken & Kürt Rogiers, Marie Verhulst & Andy Peelman, Bieke Ilegems & Erik Goossens, Jacques Vermeire & Herman Verbruggen the hands together to make their secret dream come true: an own restaurant open. They do that at 4 top locations in Bruges, Ghent, Mechelen and Leuven and under the allesziend eye of star chef Sergio Herman.

The concept, the decor, the staff, the menu: everything has to be right. The duo will have the time to prepare and will then be every 2 to fight with each other. The winner of each battle going through to the finals. To the final to meet the duo not only Sergio Herman, and a few professional critics to convince. They open their restaurant is also 2 days long for a paying audience. The 2 finalists put the doors of their restaurant for 3 additional days open. Who runs the best restaurant and as the winner?

Roel Vanderstukken and Kürt Rogiers surprised with the flavors in Leuven

Family-colleagues and best friends Kürt Rogiers and Roel Vanderstukken steps together in the culinary adventure. Roel is an ambitious hobby cook and dream of his to open his own restaurant. His busy schedule is that dream, however, is in the way. Kürt hopes that Roel and his ambition now, however, can deliver and go out for the victory. He sees himself as the perfect host in their restaurant. Roel and Kürt settled in Leuven and depart from the dishes that everyone knows. There they go creatively. Not an everyday kitchen, but unexpected flavor combinations that people can surprise you.

Roel Vanderstukken : “ I cook with a cookbook next to me. A cookbook should be applied only to a signature of the chef in the cabinet. I cook on my feelings and create my own flavor combinations. Only if I have pancakes to make for the kids I need to go peek in a cookbook, I can’t remember ”.

Kürt Rogiers : “ I know the passion of Roel for cooking and his dream to ever to open his own restaurant, but all the time. So my biggest stress is that I verknoei in the room and that I Roel disappoint. ”

Marie Verhulst and Andy Peelman go for trendy vegi in Ghent

Marie Verhulst and Andy Peelman got to know each other on the set of Boxing Stars. Despite the age difference got along right away. The budding friendship is now put to the test. In their restaurant in Ghent like Marie and Andy prove that vegetarian or rather pescotarisch, because the duo restaurant serves fresh fish – not only for geitewollensokken and that a meal without meat also nice, fun and cozy. Marie is a confident vegetarian. Although they are not so long in the kitchen, she is extremely passionate. Andy worked for years in the hospitality industry and prides itself on that he still has 5 boards at the same time can carry…

Marie Verhulst : “I wish as a young girl actually be a cook, but as a vegetarian was that that was not the best choice. But times are different now. Now it can be “.

Andy Peelman : “I am always in Belgium remained for my mother, otherwise I had with my wife long been a kind of luxefrituur opened in Germany. Catering to me is written on your body “.

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