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YouTube-Star Ivan On Tech invites you to the BLOXPO 2018 Stockholm

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YouTube-Star Ivan Liljeqvist (“Ivan On Tech”) held on 17. May in Stockholm and a Blockchain-conference: BLOXPO 2018. BTC-ECHO-readers get a discount of 20 %.

“Stockholm has a unique Tech scene, and is developing one of the leading Blockchain Hub in Europe. Under the Motto “Forget the Hype Build things” we bring the 17. May the global Blockchain-scene to Sweden,“ says the Initiator of Ivan Liljeqvist, after the resounding success of his YouTube Channels, the Expansion of the Swedish Blockchain Ecosystem.

Microsoft and the NASDAQ are a Partner of the conference, which has the Motto “Forget the Hype Build Things” and real value through Blockchain to discuss technology and experience.

The organizing team from Stockholm Blockchain and various partners such as the Swiss Blockchain a Think-Tank of the Crypto Valley Society members, therefore, in addition to leading investors, Blockchain projects, and representatives of the media, especially multi-national companies and government to Stockholm.

To speakers the Keynote of the conference, personalities from the industry such as, for example, the President of TenX, Julian Hosp, as well as Larry Sanger, Co-Founder of Wikipedia, Floyd Dcosta from the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Michael Damberg, the Swedish Minister for Innovation, and many more.

In addition to the three stages, there will be an Expo hall, in the Blockchain projects, your solutions present. Here, for example, the new Bitcoin ATM from Cointed will be seen. In addition, various industry solutions, which is already creating real value, and some carefully selected “Moonshot projects”.


Last Tickets with an exclusive 20 % discount for BTC-ECHO-readers. High-profile sponsors have until June 30. April, the Chance to come on Board.

The ticket pre-sale, the BLOXPO 2018 conference in Stockholm has already begun. BTC-ECHO is a media partner of the conference, our readers will, therefore, enter the discount code “BTC-ECHO” a 20% discount on the last Tickets. Here it goes to the booking site.

Interested in Blockchain projects, and Corporates which are interested to support Europe’s largest Blockchain-conference in addition to other high-profile partners such as Microsoft, NASDAQ and Cointed as a Sponsor and to use as a stage, can still to 30. April at the organization and team.

Contact for sponsors: [email protected]

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