Yolanthe need Wesley to miss for Temptation Island

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Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau have her beloved Wesley in the coming weeks to miss. The presenter flies Tuesday to Mexico, for the recordings of a season of Temptation Island, that from 4 June exclusively on Videoland.

“This year is a bit of a hectic year,” said Yolanthe to RTL. “We lived basically in France. Then I thought: with 25 flights a day I can best a lot of to schedule. But when we went suddenly to Qatar and that is something more difficult. So we need each other more frequently to miss this year.”

According to Yolanthe are they, and Wesley “it’s also a bit accustomed” to each other to miss. “But we give each other a lot and we keep in touch in all ways, so it’s good.”

Her son, 2.5 years old Xess Xava, don Yolanthe is not to be missed. The toddler goes to Mexico, where four Dutch couples the ultimate relatietest conclusion.

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