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With Bitcoin and Litecoin on Amazon pay: Coincards makes it possible

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For the last two days of the Online Shopper from Canada, you can pay almost everything with Bitcoin and Litecoin at very low charges and a high rate of speed. The Exchange Service Coincards has implemented the Lightning network as a method of payment.

The canadian Service Coincards, and describes itself as “the Bitcoin to Gift Card Exchange Service,” has implemented for all its traders the use of the Lightning network as a method of payment.

This was confirmed by the company in a message on the company’s blog to officially. The only condition for the use of a minimum purchase value of$25.

Coincards is a broker, has set itself the target of the adaptation of Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. Since, to date, only a small number of Online stores accept Bitcoin (a global perspective), Coincards a small detour, in which offering the purchase of gift cards using Bitcoin.

The gift cards can then be at Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, Esso, Shell, Apple, as well as some of the other partners redeemed.

Coincards is one of the first websites that accept Lightning as a possible payment and implemented.

In order to implement the project, they have worked with developers of BTCPay together to install the Lightning network Client.

In the case of an order on the after the step “proceed to checkout” is a payment screen where the Lightning network can be selected. If the order is continued at this point, then a QR-Code that must be scanned to complete the order to appear.

The fast expansion of the Lightning network in this year will lead to a further progressing the technical adaptation of the industry. Although Lightning Phase is still in a Beta, there are already a few Apps and Services have moved to take advantage of this. We find this development worthy of praise and are curious, when the wave spills over to Germany.

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