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Why Germany needs a crypto conference

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Bitcoin and crypto-currencies are currently a popular topic of conversation in Germany. Since the Federal Ministry of Finance for purchases with Bitcoin as tax-free explained has see in Germany a continuous inflow of entrepreneurs of the crypto-industry is exposed to. Adding to that, due to the stable economic Situation in the country, the emerging Startup scene and a relatively relaxed legal position with regard to ICO’s becoming more and more Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) in Germany will be carried out.

With the increase of ICO’s also the rise of Fraudulent activities and, therefore, lost the money of many investors, however. The fact that a lot of new investors in view of the possible profits, your money is only out of greed and less of an interest in the emerging technologies that makes the Situation not better. This Problem is called in the industry “FOMO”: miss Fear of missing out / fear of something.

To get around the Problem of the “stupid money” in the handle, it is therefore of crucial importance that the people take the Initiative and learn about the basics of their investment. There are various Online resources that can help with this, for example, Blockchain-Tutorial-Videos on YouTube, Online seminars, etc., None of these options übertrumpt however, the comprehensive learning experience which offers a crypto-currency conference.

In a crypto-currency conference, the participants will have the opportunity to learn in the various presentations on the mechanisms and the potential of crypto-currencies. Apart from that, such a conference offers the opportunity to with the experts of the industry to exchange and Networking.

The C3 Crypto Conference

With the aim of leading cryptographic experts, investors, Blockchain-Start-ups, lawyers, developers and all interested in crypto-currencies and Blockchain technology, under a hat, has called the Paranoid Internet GmbH C3 Crypto Conference, the largest crypto-conference in Germany.

Paranoid Internet – a multi-cultural consulting Agency, which has already developed successful companies in the UK, the USA, Germany and South America – organized now the C3 in Berlin with the hope of the world with innovative solutions and new technologies to be present in the Blockchain & cryptography industry.

A conference of this size has not experienced the German crypto industry. There are other crypto-currency Events, such as, for example, the block show Meetup in Berlin, as well as the Blockchain Spring School in 2018, in the case of this, however, were Events of a magnitude as the one of the C3 Crypto Conference. Such a large Event will give the industry the attention it deserves.

The C3 Crypto Conference today, on 05. April started, runs up to and including the 06.04.2018 and will take place at the Station Berlin conference center. Tickets are available on the C3 Website with different Tickets for different claims. Late-bird Tickets to the Startup Level, there are of 229EUR to 1295EUR for the Investor-Level. If you only visit the exhibition tomorrow, want to it will cost 29EUR.

Below we have offer codes for Startups and students:

STARTUP50 for a 50% discount for start-UPS

C3UNI50 for a 50% discount for students

For more information, please visit the official C3 Website here.

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