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What Paymon’s is and why is everyone talking about?

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In a world in which the Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies foothold, every day new IT companies. Each of them is trying to find solutions for different problems in the industry. But not all are successful. Nevertheless, there is an example of success. The speech is from the Russian company Paymon’s.

Why is it special?

2016 Paymon’s was the incompleteness of the technologies for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Often they are impractical, due to the delays of the transaction fees. Therefore, the guys from Russia have decided to develop their own Blockchain based on DAG – with your own consensus mechanism. Later they offered a new type of crypto currencies, the PMNC. Got the beginning of the year to 2018, according to the first Phase of the ICOs, they support from investors and the Community, and to have closed contacts with important people from the crypto – Finance industry.

As they had started the ICO, they had already their own Paymon’s Messenger with the Cold Wallets. The product quickly gained great notoriety because of the security of the Wallet, and got more than 8,000 users. Today, you work on other more important technologies.

Hive – a Direct Acyclic Graph, on which the new crypto-currency will be based. With Hive, it is possible to make transactions without fees, or long delays in confirmations. In addition, it will need no Miner more because your place will be taken by ordinary users in the network.

Profit – The platform for the business in which each owner pays for his Goods or Services in the crypto currency world. Besides, it is with the Hive System is possible to create Smart Contracts and Services on your capacity to check for more functionality and security.

Usually, the objectives of new IT companies and Blockchain-technologies are similar, but Paymon’s is due to the speed of its development is worth mentioning. Maybe Paymon’s is the company that creates it to solve the biggest problems of crypto-and the world of Finance. It is close to generate a similar Hype as EOS, FileCoin and NEO in 2017.

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