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West Virginia elects first US state, via the Blockchain

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West Virginia has, in cooperation with two of the country, a pilot program circles started, in which the Blockchain technology through a government-sponsored App is used, in order to allow easier and safer access to absentee voting for military personnel.

The future of elections

This is not the first Time to modernize that West Virginia tries to electoral practices. Currently, the military can vote staff via Mail, Fax or E-mail. The E-Mail choice requires access to a Computer and can currently only be performed in 5 of the 55 counties.

The advantages of the Blockchain

“Secure Military Mobile Voting Solution” [“Secure Mobile Military choice-opportunity] arose from a collaboration of West Virgina’s Secretary of state and four impartial organizations: Voatz, Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies, New America, and the Blockchain Trust Accelerator.

This project allows you to vote with an Iphone or Android Smartphone. The service is still only available for residents of Harrison County or Monongalia County. The advantages of this new method are superior to the conventional E-mail method of Voting and it is expected that the use of the service will increase significantly.

Furthermore, we see Private organisations in the health sector, what is the Blockchain for accurate Administration of patient data.


This is the Startup responsible for the technology of the new election method. Mobile Voting technology was successfully used in the vote of the town meetings and the vote of Citizens. West Virginia will be the first Federal-wide use of the election method.

Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies

This organization has two goals: Hunger and votes. They work on projects such as the provision of food in schools. Apart from that, you want to improve access to elections for military personnel and work on pilot projects.

New America (Blockchain Trust Accelerator)

This group identifies itself as a non-profit, non-partisan Institute for public policy strategy. You will work on projects in an attempt to allow the American freedom ideals.

The Blockchain Trust Accelerator works on projects, which try to the Welfare of the society through the Blockchain to improve technologies.

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