VIDEO – Angry Ajax fans demands departure of Van der Sar

About 150 Ajax-supporters have the team bus will be met after the 3-0 defeat against PSV. They demanded to return in Amsterdam and the immediate departure of general director Edwin van der Sar. They would also midfielder Hakim Ziyech never the first to want to see occur.

Angry fans force the bus to stop.

The bus with players had more than an hour wait on the discussion between supporters and Van der Sar, that in the middle of the roundabout for the hospital of the Johan Cruijff ArenA was conducted. Financial director Jeroen Slop assisted his colleague in the second half of the ’wild’ conversation.

Some bystanders said that Van der Sar would have said that a resignation can be no question. The general director is to procedures. His reaction to the disgust of Ziyech is not known.

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Because there are in Amsterdam already wetness was felt, there was even an attempt to have the trains from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, slower to drive, so the players of Ajax rather than the fans in Amsterdam would be. But that failed, causing the fans in the ArenA were.

They were eventually carried away by emotions, and added the stewards at the ArenA for the bus to stop and doors to open. Players who to their parked cars want to walk, it was indicated that the bus had to stay. Approximately twenty agents were in addition to about 35 stewards keep an eye on things. One of the stewards: “it’s a pity that the weather should be so.”

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Only after ten hours, the signal was by one of the supporters on the green set to leave. He tapped a steward on the shoulder and said that it now was enough. Drive but’.

The bus driver drove immediately to the hospital, and also all the supporters of the roundabout on foot left.

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