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Verge: the announcement of the partnership on 17.04., Verge drops to 8 percent

Tomorrow it is finally so far. At 16 o’clock German time Verge on the mysterious, “huge” partnership is known, and thus, presumably, either to the course of Verge in the drive, or but for a significant price slide. What are the exit signs? Verge can be the enormous expectations? The situation before the decision day.

When viewing the course from the Verge (XVG), it is striking that, of course, moves ever closer to the decision day, less of the euphoria that can benefit directly after the announcement ruled.

Within the last 24 hours is the price for a XVG to 8 percent favor. Nevertheless, it can be seen in Verge of extreme price gains since the announcement and Crowdfunding. For the past seven days is a rate increase of 18 percent over the last month, an increase of 190 percent to beech.

Nevertheless, the crypto-community Verge seems to be rather skeptical. In particular, the question of Verge why had to in the context of crowdfunding, a certain amount is taken, in order to obtain a very likely to be already rich Partner. This situation is asked by many people in various forums are very critical.

The day before the long-awaited announcement very much, therefore, for the Verge. It can take on the enormous expectations (190 percent) meet or the announcement is a disappointment.

It seems as if the crypto community is more cautious compared to the day tomorrow. Despite, or perhaps because of this Verge is at Binance currently ranked 4 in terms of the trading volume for the last 24 hours.

The high trading volume could also indicate that a certain number of investors, where the risk seems too big, want to take away the gains of the past month (at least 190%).

Chief developer Justin Vendetta has given hints that it is to be a leading company with billions in sales. The speculation in various forums and on the Social Media channels are correspondingly large.

Among other things, Amazon, PayPal, and Pornhub (called the anonymity of the XVG transactions would be very suitable) as a possible Partner. Ultimately, these are only speculations. Until the official announcement tomorrow, on the 17.04.2018 to 16:00 German time we will know more.

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