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VeChain signed well-known partnership with eGrid

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VeChain, yesterday a well-known partnership with Shanghai eGrid Consulting co., LTD, a major company for software solutions in the automotive industry.

In the framework of the partnership eGrid intends the Blockchain technology of VeChain to integrate VeChains existing automotive solution and VeChain Thor into your existing ERP, SCM and CRM software solution for existing and future customers.

Shanghai eGrid Consulting co., LTD is a stock exchange provides listed companies on China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), which is software solutions for large companies with an international reach.

World’s eGrid has already developed successful applications for companies from the automotive, automotive components, motorcycle, retail trade, Finance, machinery and manufacturing industry. Customers include, among others, the car bilhersteller Volkswagen, General Motors, PSA Automotive, Dongfeng motor, Tingshan, Isuzu Motors, and several more.

Through the use of VeChainThor eGrid intends the Integration of the Internet of things (IoT) and the Blockchain technology in its software solutions. By means of VeChainThor every aspect of a car, from the manufacturing process should be recorded on the logistics of maintenance, to the sale in the Blockchain.

As a result, an Ecosystem should be created, which gives the data owner full control. All of the data associated with the vehicle, be transparent and stored securely on the Blockchain and is available to the owner of the vehicle or the vehicle dealer to the truth.

The vehicle has a maintenance solution of VeChain extends far beyond the recording of the maintenance intervals, the replaced parts of a vehicle, or the accident history.

The solution captures a variety of metrics, such as driving habits, frequency of brake applications per 100 km, the average acceleration speed, etc.., The data can be used in order to make these insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers or auto part manufacturers. Insurance company can get a complete Overview of the life cycle of a vehicle.

VeChain Thor

VeChain carried out at the end of February, a Rebranding, which Changes in 2. Quarter of 2018, will be that the VeChain network receives two different tokens, the VeChain Token (VET) and Thor’s Power (THOR). In the process, THOR and the VET will be in a similar ratio, such as GAS and NEO. For the possession of VET will be issued daily by THOR in a certain ratio to the VET.

The Two-Token-model has to keep the goal of the VeChain Thor Ecosystem for businesses and public facilities to be attractive, because the volatility in the price of VeChain-Token could have a negative impact on business customers. Therefore, VET as a store of value, and THOR should act as a means of payment.

The VeChain course is contrary to the negative market trends at the time of writing, with 0.6 per cent in the Plus. A Vechain (VEN) is traded for 2,11 Euro.

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