Universal: the ’Dotan to respond’

Universal Music, the record label of Dotan, will find it very desirable if the singer is going to respond to the revelations about the fake fans on social media to the sky in praise. That has a spokesperson on Monday to let you know. Universal Music has since the publication in the newspaper haven’t heard anything from Dotan or his management.

Dotan holds are still tight-lipped

“It is impossible for us to content on the matter to respond,” says the spokesman. “We are not involved and have no knowledge from this case. So it is up to Dotan itself to comment and it is very desirable that he in the short term.” The record company will only respond if Dotan that itself has done. A spokesman for Dotan does not report whether and if so when is he going to do that.

Saturday, it was announced that there for years on social media, fan mail about Dotan is posted by fake accounts. It went to 140 false profiles created on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to enhance the image of the singer to shine. The accounts were also made by a former manager of Dotan. The singer gave up to now only to the Volkskrant, a brief response. Dotan says in the newspaper is not to know, and rotten to his, startled. “I’m sick of when I see this,” he said.

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