UEFA furious about threats arbitrator

The European football body UEFA is in the gap jumped for referee Michael Oliver and his wife.

Michael Oliver is menaced.

The English couple is on social media taunted and threatened after the quarter finals in the Champions League last week, on Wednesday between Real Madrid and Juventus. “We condemn strongly the threats to the address of Michael Oliver and his wife and expect that the concerned authorities take action against the persons who are so outrageous have to misbehave”, was a statement from UEFA.

Oliver gave a 3-0-ahead of Juventus in the last minute of the stoppage time a penalty kick to the home team, Real, Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of, and still the shutdown meant for the Italian champion. After the match were Oliver and his wife Lucy stalked on Twitter. So much so, that the English police need saw the couple and an inquiry into the senders.

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus set the tone with a rant against the referee immediately after the end of the duel: “It is clear that he has no heart in his chest, but a trash can,” he said.

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