’Trump felt deceived after uitwijzingen’

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump felt misled by his own staff after the US dozens of Russian diplomats were expelled. He thought apparently that the other countries are approximately as many Russians the door, would point as Washington, said a high regeringsbron against The Washington Post.

The diplomatic penalty followed the poisoning of a former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Trump was in advance of his staff to hear that his country is about the same as Russians would tell if the European allies of the US. “We will see their numbers match,” said Trump, according to the source. “We don’t take the lead. We match.”

The president was in a rage when he discovered that France and Germany, much less diplomats, according to the sixty with which the US had to leave. He then got to hear that the Europeans are in total about as many Russians wegstuurden as the USA.

“The total interests me not,” responded Trump, who, according to the source indicated that he was on the wrong leg, was put.

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