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TRON Project Genesis and Mainnet Launch announcement

TRON is supposed to be a grown-up in June at last and the Mainnet launch. All of the ERC-20 tokens will be invalid and the Migration to the TRX-Coin is implemented. Still, TRON has launched a reward program that the Community should support, with a total of 2 billion dollars.

The Launch of the TRON Testnets was marked by a huge Hype in the course of TRON for a short time a considerable increase was recorded. Just as spectacular, and from the Hype driven by the announcement of the Mainnets. On the official site is to find a important note that explains when the Mainnet should be launched.

In this announcement, it is stated that the date for the Launch of the Public Blockchain. This is the 21st century. June 2018. From this point on, all of the ERC will be migrated-20 Token to the TRX-Coin. From then on, TRON has its own Blockchain. Therefore, also recommended in the period from 22.06 to 24.06.2018 no transactions.

All of the TRX-Token owner must do in the ideal case, nothing more than to be seen. Since the announcement was just recently posted, there are no large exchanges of opinions, whether they support the Upgrade. However, it is very likely that all of the major crypto exchanges will support the Migration of the TRON tokens.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, has announced during the Launch of the Testnets that there will be a financial support or reward for all the supporters of the TRON Community. All the members, developers, and TRX are to be included-pendant. The amount has been increased from one billion now to 2 billion dollars.

To whom and in what amount the reward should be paid out, up to now, however, no details were provided.

Another important Anküngigung the “Super Represantative Election” to be conducted at the 26.06.2018. Here, 27 people will be selected to represent the entire TRON Community. The main task of the representative is to be the calculation and validation of the network.

According to this official blog post, you are supposed to play an important role in the future Governance structure of the TRON project. Justin Sun has made up to now, but at this point, there is no exact information about how the election is to be conducted and what objectives are to pursue the chosen people in Detail.

Each TRX-owner can participate in the election and for election. Justin Sun is a candidate. In addition, further candidates on Twitter. This includes, among other things, GIFTO, NODE CAPITAL and ODYSSEY. Unfortunately, other information is also missing as a choice to take place.

Of course, TRON moves in the last few days sideways and currently stands at a rate of 0.032 Euro per TRX Token.

The Marktktapitalisierung is 2.1 billion euros. So TRON currencies space 14 of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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