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TRON – Decentralised Web 4.0

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TRON, short-TRX is a developed in China, Blockchain-based, decentralised Protocol that aims to be a world-wide free Content Entertainment System and distributed memory system.

Like numerous other crypto-currencies TRON has the goal of a Protocol is that it allows each user to publish data, to save and to own, without having to take a Central Service, which is the data sovereignty have on the user data. In this new System, the Web 4.0, to decide for each user which data he gives to the public and widely used.

Introduction and the basic idea of TRON

Since the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners Lee at the beginning of the 90’s, has changed the Internet a lot. The Internet was originally conceived by Berners Lee as a full-fledged decentralized platform where Anyone content and websites to freely publish and freely with other inter-act.

The power structure of the Internet has changed considerably. The Internet as we know it today, is determined by large corporations and controlled, dictating the rules of the Internet. To include these companies in particular Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Alibaba and Tencent in China. These corporate giants have taken over in today’s Web 2.0, the data sovereignty. The data of each user are managed by this company in huge data centers. The control over own data is lost.

Goal of TRON is to solve exactly this serious issue by providing a global, free Content Entertainment System on the Blockchain, where every user can control his data self.

In addition to the data sovereignty problem TRON to solve another Problem. It should create a kind of new economic system in which a direct communication between the providers of digital entertainment content and the user is possible. The provider of the content will have to pay in this System, there are no fees or commissions more, not like in the current Sytem, where products on key platforms, such as Amazon or the Google PlayStore only for a fee.

The TRON network is intended to be a platform for digital entertainment of all kinds – Streaming services, on-line gambling to social networks. In contrast to Ethereum that the back is supposed to be backbone of the Internet of the future, aims TRON more on the entertainment sector, the Internet of tomorrow.

The value of TRON

According to the company’s website, TRON, the following has more values compared to the current System:

  1. User is returned to the basic ownership of your data and the Internet.
  2. Those who make a contribution to the TRON-Ecosystem, are entitled to a reward in the TRX.
  3. As a non-profit Foundation, the TRON network aims to be a Service to the Public, without a primary profit-making intentions.
  4. The contents of the TRON network is not dominated by greed for profit, but the pursuit of quality.

The Tron Coin (TRX)

The Token of the TRON platform is called Tronix and is based on the ERC-20 Token Standard. The Token forms the basis for the platform. Through these Credits can be within the TRON-network distributed. In addition, in the information can be stored which can be retrieved from all of the TRON-Apps.

According to the white paper, the TRON network to support a number of other crypto-currencies. TRX, however, will be for the conversion and the circulation of the transactions in the world of TRON.

Justin Sun and Peiwo

The founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, especially in China, a celebrity in the Tech world. In 2013, he worked as a “Chief Representative in Greater China” for Ripple. By the famous Forbes magazine, he has already received multiple awards and is hailed as the next Jack Ma (founder and CEO of Alibaba) and a brilliant Visionary and a “Global Gamechanger”. Of Jack Ma, he also received an invitation (as the first Student ever) at the Ma, founded in Hupan-Elite University.

Sun is also the founder of the App Peiwo, which is often referred to as the Chinese Snapchat and users through the analysis of 10-seconds voice brings samples, and interests. The users can play by means of Peiwo on different channels with like-minded Online users, games, talent shows and Live Streaming services. Currently, the Peiwo App has over 10 million users.

For next year an implementation of TRON in the Peiwo App is planned in the period April to July 2018:

TRON price Review and Outlook

In early December, the price of TRX stand for 0,0018 Euro. To the editors of the time the price was already 0,04663 Euro per Token. Translated, this means a price increase of over 2,400 percent.

In the Ranking of the market capitalization TRX currently reaches 17. Place, with around 3.2 billion euros.

TRON is currently being used by the stock exchanges HitBTC, Binance, CoinEgg, Liqui,, and numerous other smaller exchanges. How TRON can be bought, we have explained here.

12. December, Justin Sun, via Twitter, announced that major Exchanges will follow.

Yesterday, on 20.12.2017 he announced that on the 22.12.2017 another large Exchange will follow.

But not only that, TRON seems to have a promising future. In particular, the Integration in the Peiwo App could be the TRX-Coin a significant upswing. At a stroke, over 10 million people, especially the younger technology enthusiasts, the Chinese would send in the location by means of the TRON network payments in TRX.

Not to forget the proximity of the Sun to Jack Ma. In various forums there are rumors that the Chinese E-Commerce giant Alibaba could enter into a partnership with TRON.

TRON Whiterpaper:

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