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Trilliant: Brings a crypto-currency ATMs to the Mainstream

Imagine you a share of all ATM machines on this world, and each Time when a transaction runs on this, you get paid to own Dividend. This concept appears in the world of Fiat currencies, although the utopian, however, could be to the reality of the crypto-currency world.

We get day-to-day Bitcoin transactions ever closer and the development of the many Blockchain-companies that we see, the way in which businesses operate today, already changed. Many of the new companies focus on the technology itself, Trilliant, however, focuses on the development of Hardware/infrastructure for this industry.

Trilliant’s Vision foresees that in the near future each of the currencies in its Crypto on one of the Next-Generation Terminals stand out and can drop as easy as Withdrawing money at the conventional ATMs work nowadays.

In an Interview with crypto Ticker on the C3 Crypto Conference Sebastian Korbach, CEO of Trilliant, gave us more information about the upcoming ICO and how the concept of “percentage of ownership in the programs for crypto-currency cash machines” working.

“Of course, there are also other companies that produce ATM, but the only use for Tokens is to pay for the high transaction fees incurred by the users, if you withdraw money from the ATM or Deposit. We do not want to make such a simple thing – we really want to give something back.“

This is how it works:

Actually, it is quite simple: Each added to the network ATM is directly divided into 100 accounting units. These units can then be used to Trilliant’s web-site just as easy as concert-Tickets bought. These units, in turn, will give investors a dividend the total revenue of the ready-to-run ATMs are generated.

“2% of the total revenue of our ATMs from transaction fees to our shareholders,” said Korbach. Furthermore, he stated that well-positioned ATMs recorded according to the $20,000-$30,000 USD in volume per month. The Profit of this comes from the transaction fees, which can average out at 7%, especially in America, however, up to 10-12%.

“Here at Trilliant, we charge a lot less,” says Korbach. “In addition, shareholders of Fiat-currencies or crypto-currencies paid.”

In order to buy a unit, investors purchase them with the TRIL Token. This is sold in the ICO. After the acquisition of such a unit, the buyer enters into a permanent contract with Trilliant. If an Investor wants a refund, he can sell his Tokens, of course, just in a Secondary market, such is soon to be opened.

Trilliants Vision

The total income of ATMs depends on the number of available Trilliant machines. If the number of machines increases in the next few years, you will generate more and more revenue, and the payments received by the shareholders, also experienced a similar increase.

As Korbach was asked about his Motivation for founding Trilliant, he needs to smile:

“I’ve spent the last couple of years in the crypto world, and for me this is the future. In addition, we see a market that offers huge potential for ATMs with crypto-currencies – recently, several governments announced their plans, E-Token, such as your E-Euros and E-Krona. This will accelerate the growth of crypto ATMs, as people want to withdraw their Bitcoins conveniently and efficiently from an ATM.“

Trilliant is currently seeking a Bank to get a license so that you can distribute your ATMs everywhere. According to the white paper of at least 500 monetary plans Trilliant in the next 24 months to install vending machines in the lucrative European market.

More information about the project is available on the official Website, Twitter and Telegram channel.

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