Treasure Danish king Blauwtand (bluetooth) discovered

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SCHAPRODE – In a field on the Baltic island of Rügen in Northern Germany archaeologists have found a precious silver treasure discovered from the end of the tenth century. The treasure consists of necklaces, bracelets, beads, brooches, Thor’s hammer, ringsieraden and about five to six hundred in part, by the middle of chopped coins.

About one hundred of these coins can be assigned to the reign of the legendary Danish king Harald Blauwtand (910-987). Archaeologists call it the largest single find of Blauwtand coins in the southern Baltic region.

Already in 1872 and 1874 were only a few kilometres away on the island of Hiddensee, the famous gold jewellery of Hiddensee discovered. Blauwtand, born as a Viking, is considered the founder of the Danish Empire, the country has established, christianity has been introduced, and reforms.


Bluetooth, developed by the Swedish company Ericsson, is to this king named. The technology group would for this name chosen because Blauwtand was responsible for connecting Scandinavia with the European mainland.

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