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The U. N. World Food program is collaborating with Devery (EVE)

f6c449103b3ab866fd6a25ff067c1db3 - The U. N. World Food program is collaborating with Devery (EVE)

The U. N. World Food program implements the Blockchain technology via the product review of the Protocol of Devery. The first delivery is to be determined for 1500 children in North Africa.

The Review Protocol

The Devery business model was founded on three principles: the Secure distribution, Transparent supply chain and counterfeit protection. The advantages of this service to reduce costs for High-End consumer goods and remove the need for a physical “paper-tracks”.

Feed the world

The United Nations World Food programme feeds 80 million people in around 80 countries worldwide. The program has over 5,000 delivery trucks, 20 ships and 92 of the aircraft and provides these food and assistance on a daily Basis for those who need it the most.

Each year it distributes approximately 12.6 billion servings, estimated to cost an average of $0.31 USD per Serving.


The Devery Team was able to meet with the Tunisian Ministry of education and was able to discuss the logistics behind secure supplies for 400,000 children distributed more than 6000 schools in Tunisia. This project proves effective, then this would reduce the Administrative work of the U. N. World Food donation program.

“This project allows us to investigate how the support of innovation through the introduction of Blockchain technology to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the Tunisian national school meal programme can help,” said Maria Lukyanova, the United Nations World Food program representative and head of the country offices of the Tunisian Republic.

Blockchain technologies will find more and more uses

Governments around the world are constantly looking for Ways to make processes more effective and reduce costs. The Blockchain technology seems to be losing its stigma due to the Association with crypto-currencies while countries find ways to use their skills in these and other ways, such as, for example, in elections.

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