The new video of AWKWARD i is a real ridderepos

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Take a group of people and there is always someone who is of that group the happiest. Even at a funeral. This is the song Happiest Man (at your funeral) of AWKWARD i.

Singer/composer came in contact with this understand by a statement by the physicist Steven Weinberg in VPRO’s documentary ‘Beauty and consolation’. He pointed out that there is always someone the happiest of a group. Even at a funeral.

Knight Herløv

For the video the song is for a second time collaborated with director Michiel ten Horn (known for the brilliant film Aanmodderfokker). Henry van Loon plays the Norwegian knight Herløv that after a heavy battle and return home. He does this with mixed feelings. His parents he wants to be seen again, but his wife would rather not. And then there’s also a troubadour who crosses his path.

On april 23, begins the voorjaarstour which AWKWARD i the beautiful songs of the last album KYD.

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