The Hague has enough of the nuisance caused by cannabis

In thirteen neighborhoods of the Dutch city of The Hague is now prohibited a joint on the road. The measure comes after many complaints about nuisance.

Who says the Netherlands, says often soon also cannabis. The Dutch policy of tolerance is world-famous. 573 coffee shops in 103 municipalities sell cannabis.

That tolerance, however, comes more and more under pressure. The Amsterdam city council has already numerous coffee shops restricted, because there are criminal acts were committed or because of a nuisance for local residents or surrounding schools. Rotterdam took a similar decision.

And now is also in The Hague, the third largest city of the Netherlands, to battle drawn against the joint. In thirteen districts of The Hague, there should no longer hit from a joint. It includes the entire city centre and the surroundings of the train station.


The city council thus hopes to overcome the many complaints about noise and odours that over the past time received. “The prohibition is aimed at groups who are hanging around and that alcohol and soft drugs use,” says the mayor of the Hague, Pauline Krikke, the regional broadcaster Omroep West. ‘I am really not for that one person who is a joint wants to smoke. It is fine that the police groups that cause a nuisance, now to handle it.’

Offenders receive the first two weeks of a warning, then it’s serious and there will be fines issued. In hotels, at coffee shops and in shelters for the homeless will be flyers about the measure can be given.

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