Text Henk Westbroek comes in From Dale

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The expression ’a home of their own, a place in the sun’ deserves a place in the Thick Of Dale. That has editor-in-chief Ton den Boon reported on NPO Radio 5.

The phrase comes from the song Everything can make a man happy that René Froger in 1989 to be a huge hit scored. The song, which was written by Henk Westbroek, was 12 weeks in the Top 40; a month was the song in the first place. A home of their own, such as the song in the vernacular was called, meant the breakthrough of Froger to the public at large.

“The two separate expressions, so ‘a house’ and ‘a place in the sun’, there are already more than a hundred years,” says Den Boon. “But the combination is only with this song, a winged expression. Anyone can imagine; it stands for a place of its own on the world where you feel thrives.”

Collective memory

The fact that the song with a huge sing-along in the collective memory has inscribed, also helps to state that the phrase now has. “Once you get the melody hear, go get the chorus to sing along. That is the power of the song and it considerably increases the chance that parts of the text uptake,” says Den Boon.

The expression was the past decades, often used in articles in the media. Also, the need for ’a home of their own, a place under the sun ” remarkably often in relationship ads. “You make clear not only what you are looking for, but also that you are a fan of the Dutch song.”

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