Ten Hag takes time at Ajax

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The great Ajax-mouths in advance turned out to be no more than misplaced arrogance. The Locals bluften in the run-up to PSV-out on los, but underwent in Eindhoven, one of the greatest indignities from the club history: 3-0.


And that was also At the Hag to recognize. “To do this pain in your abdomen, this means you are not experiencing”, said the trainer, who until now have given no reinforcement for Ajax is shown.

At Hag was critical in his team”Naive, undisciplined, at times not mature enough”), but also put a hand in his own bosom. “PSV is mentally further, have the will to win and a better team spirit. The coach is responsible for that process. You want to always see them directly, but you can’t on a few buttons to run. That takes time.”

According to him, should especially succeed to be made in the area of mentality. “Football is to survive. The complete surrender, which I miss sometimes. It is too informal, too passive.”

Although the difference with PSV under his leadership of five points was increased to ten points, At the Hag assumes that he put it to the rails gets at Ajax. “I am not a man who fears.”

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