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Taklimakan Network and Social media.Market partnership

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Taklimakan Network and Social media.Market have signed a Memorandum of understanding (Memorandum of Understanding – MOU) to promote cooperation between the two projects and the further development of both the Blockchain platform.

Taklimakan Network is a Singapore-based project that aims to provide a platform for connecting investors, analysts and enthusiasts from the crypto-world.

SocialMedia.Market is a Blockchain platform that wants to revolutionize the business world of Social Media Influencers and advertisers. The partnership is the latest example of an emerging Trend in the crypto-community with projects close together to use the synergy effects of a partnership.

The MOU to both the Taklimakan network as well as Social media.Market enable, a collaborative Framework for joint research and development in the area of Blockchain. While the Taklimakan network focused on aspects of Education and Networking focused Social media.Market on the connecting Influencers with advertisers.

The Taklimakan Network platform for beginners and experts alike. The project’s mission is to improve the competence and Knowledge of the crypto-Interested, by providing them with Investment Tools at your disposal and you with analysts and connoisseurs of the scene.

Probably the most important Tool, which Taklimakan would like to ask the investors, is a tool that collects messages from the crypto-world and the news through an in-house analysis of service rating.

In addition, there should be an Open-Source education database, a trading platform with analysis and Trading Tools, as well as a Forum in which crypto-enthusiasts can connect with experts and portfolio managers in contact.

Other key components of the network should also be Crowdsourced forecasting tools, and the public crypto-portfolio, in which anyone can participate. All the Tools have the goal of helping the user to make more informed decisions when investing in crypto-currencies, as well as to take when Trading.

Rashid Yussup, one of the co-founder of Taklimakan Network, said (freely translated):

The crypto Community is growing rapidly and we plan to in the next two to five years more than a Million new platform to attract users. With the Tools that are available in the Taklimakan network, we want the crypto Community to provide educational expertise and professionalism.

While Taklimakan is focused on the networking of crypto-enthusiasts, to Social media.Market the first decentralized marketplace for the connection of bloggers and Influencers from social media, with advertisers from the advertising industry to justify.

The company has assembled a strong Advisory Board that includes, among other things, Tatsunari Ono of Value Brain Company and Keith Teare from TechCrunch.

Together, they want to solve the main problems of the Influencer-marketing, by creating opportunities for monetization of content, Engagement in the Community and to increase the range.

The approach is based on the Blockchain technology and to facilitate the negotiations between advertisers and Social Media Influencers. Analytical reports show that Influencer Marketing is a booming market. Recent estimates suggest that this market will develop by 2020 a 5-to 10-billion-Dollar industry.

Although the exact nature of the cooperation between the companies has yet to be clarified, to fit the Strengths of Social media.Market and Taklimakan Network efficiently together. Both companies strive for the promotion of a decentralized market on the basis of the Blockchain technology.

SocialMedia.The Market has recently completed his ICO, under the leadership of ICOBox. The SMT-Token is already listed on some stock exchanges. The project has collected under the ICO was approximately 14,000 ETH. A SocialMedia.Market consultant, Andrew Playford of Sonic Foundry, adding:

Influencer Marketing provides a terrific potential and the creation of a decentralised Blockchain market place is the solution for some big problems in this industry. The success of the Social media.Market ICO is not surprising, since it is one of the most important Marketing Blockchain projects.

During the Social media.Market-to-ICO is already completed, the Taklimakan Network ICO on 9. In April 2018, at a price of 0.05 per TKLN started.

For more information on Taklimakan Network and Social media.Market project can be found on the websites of the projects: and

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