Supportersclub Ajax frustrated by pushing Ziyech

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The supportersclub of Ajax disgusted by the actions of ’supporters’ have done after the loss of Ajax against PSV. According to director Fabian Nagtzaam of the disabled supporters group “keep on you at all times of people and property.”

Hakim Ziyech got the Sunday when you return a zwiep.

“We feel this is a shameful display,” said Nachtzaam. “Not only on the field but also outside. There bales we immensely. As a large club must be big to lose, preferably, of course, as little as possible. Emotions I understand, that I have also, and that we are in talks with Ajax, but that should never lead to actions against individuals or property.”

A number of people that the team bus of Ajax Sunday to stop forced, gave Hakim Ziyech a zwiep, after the bus had left. According to the supportersclub is Ziyech and other individuals affected by violence to report the incident.

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The supportersclub of finds, however, that, at Ajax in the coming time, a lot must change, but that this must be done by the dialogue. “Ajax have to do everything again Ajax to be,” said Nagtzaam. “The coldness that a lot of Players for a while feel, must be broken. How? For example, by more open training sessions, supporters as a sounding board for policy decisions, and, if possible, commitment of players and staff at meetings, to supporters closer to the club and especially to love.”

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