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Successful Meeting of the Blockchain Ecosystem in Berlin

With the aim of making a conference and Expo, at the
both Blockchain-beginners as well as professionals to generate value for themselves,
started the first C 3 Crypto Conference in Berlin last Thursday. With more than 2500 visitors, 50 speakers and 70 companies exhibiting for two days, a broad Ecosystem was presented in Berlin.

Captivating Conference Topics
Particularly hot topics that have been discussed around the future and the
Conditions of the Blockchain. The Panel of Dr. Ulrich Keunecke by KPMG found, for example, by the legal framework conditions for ICOs were considered in detail, very much appreciated. Also a major role in the topic of crypto-currencies played in the Keynotes and Panels of the conference. No free space there was, therefore, as Alena Vranova (consultant for Bitcoin, Blockchain and Fintech), Jeff Gallas (Fulmo), Matthew Schutte (Holo.Host) and Dusan Stojanovic (True Global Ventures), the future of crypto-currencies discussed. But the Keynotes by Matthew Schutte (Tackling Complexity: How to create an ecosystem, and not just a network), and Miko Matsumura (Evercoin), explained the revolutionary significance of the Bitcoins, attracted the visitors in their spell. Miriam Neubauer and Fabian Spielberger of Catena Capital, showed viewers of “Use Cases of Blockchain technology”. During the subsequent
“Blockchain Entrepreneurship in Berlin,” Panel taken Christian Young (MADANA), Sascha Grumbach (Argopreneurs), Fabian Spielberger (Catena Capital ), Dennis Weidner (organizer of the C3 Crypto Conference) is the word for the Berlin location. “It is the first Time in history that Europe can compete in terms of Fundraising with the United States,” says Spielberger.

Live-ICOs as a Highlight of the conference
On day two of the conference Stage on the exhibition area in two stages of Live found on the Expo-Pitches. In a dynamic competition to be selected participant pitchten your ICO-ideas. The winner places one to three, were of the Paranoid Internet, a Full-Service Crypto – and Marketing-Agency, an initial Marketing Investment, in order to present their approaches to the broad masses. 1st place was rewarded with the € 25,000, 2nd place € 10,000 and 3rd place went to the € 5,000 as start-up capital. The winners are:

1. TV-TWO (one remote TV Ecosystem)
2. concertVR (independent of location concert experiences with Virtual Reality)
3. Behaviour exchange (web users in real-time to identify and analyze)

Significant platform for the Blockchain Ecosystem
“We competed as a Team in order to set as an Ecosystem Builder with this lighthouse Event is a sign of diversity, Innovation and technological development in Germany.
With the Feedback of the first C 3 Crypto Conference, we are very satisfied,” says Dennis Weidner, the organizer of the conference. “The appeal of the conference and the exhibition for the participants has found, shows us the importance of such a platform for the exchange for the Blockchain Ecosystem. Events like this are important to the innovation force and the society to highlight the political importance of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies for the future.”

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