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Skychain: The AI solution for a safe emergency Department

With Skychain, the Situation in emergency departments should be improved significantly. This should be done through the use of an artificial intelligence, whose data are stored on a Blockchain. A SKCH-Token, the project aims to create an incentive for participation.

A medical emergency is announced. After such, you can expect help in the emergency room. Sometimes, however, there are others that need the help of a doctor is still urgent. Doctors must make decisions under great time pressure, errors are unfortunately inevitable. A study in the Emergency Medicine Journal showed that “it is more likely to misdiagnosis or delayed treatments when emergency rooms are crowded and diagnoses in the corridors of the hospital take place”. A further study showed that 90 % of surveyed emergency doctors have to change their approach to investigations, thanks to a lack of privacy.

A hedge against misdiagnosis would be increased to maintain objectivity. Better still, a quiet second opinion for the ambulance, on which he could rely in an emergency. Artificial intelligence could perform this role. Neural networks could be trained by specialists so that they could independently perform diagnoses. The results could be shared over the whole world, so that emergency physicians around the world access to this Knowledge. The Skychain project is a Blockchain solution, which specializes in the Training of these neural networks.

You can compare artificial intelligence with real Doctors?

Skychain has now developed a working prototype. Your product tested through a competition with real Doctors. In the process, Doctors had to come from artificial intelligence on the Basis of various patient data to a diagnosis. The results are surprisingly good.

As Skychain is a Blockchain, you want to make the decentralized nature of the Blockchain taking advantage of. Through Tokenization, an incentive is created that train specialists in the world, the artificial intelligence. The more participants the System has, the better Skychain will be in the diagnosis.

The future of medicine shaping

Of life the profession of doctors is to save, of course, but to support them in their task, should be something in which everyone can contribute. Accordingly, the General public can participate in Skychain by ICO. This Token Sale up to 8. April run. The so-called Skychain Token (SKCH) can readers purchase for the equivalent of 1.25 US-Dollar in Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are a total of 14.4 million tokens are placed for sale. In a White Paper, the project Skychain provides the Details behind the project and the ICO. SKCH will play a Central role in the development of the project. It is also used for requests to the neural network training units of the same and other services. In addition, the Token will create an incentive for specialists to take the time for Training of the neural network.

The Skychain project is more than a good idea: In a Team competences, are United for the realization of such a project is necessary. Gennady Popov, the founder, has both a medical as well as a technical programming Background. As a programmer he has worked for ten years. Relevant projects include the automation of procedures in medical laboratories and the Pattern Recognition in medical images. Alexander Kuzmin is the Chief Operating Officer and has been in AI-projects in different experiences. The CTO Ivan Svistunov since 2010, a programmer and has developed various programs in the areas of Big Data, high load and cryptography. The other team members have technical backgrounds, the project helpful. Skychain is convinced that your project will not only define the emergency room, but the entire medical technology.

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