Sinterklaas is already in the country

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Mondays are the recordings started of the second Christmas movie of Sylvester and Ketnet. Sinterklaas and the Wakeful Nights is a film directed by Stijn Coninx and to a scenario of Hugo Matthysen.

The story
When Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet at night, the rooftops walk, they are startled by strange nocturnal noise: of you to popping balloons and even a drum kit. The whole city is night after night and the residents are angry with the Saint because they think that he is the noise caused. Very happen to benefit from the shrewd businesswoman Frutselia a shop with special slaapmiddeltjes, that since the noise very well run. Santa claus is very sad that the people are angry at him. There is but one thing: the St must have his innocence proved.
How that further ends, see you this fall in santa Claus and the Wakeful Nights…

The Saint is already in the country for recording and will therefore also scattered in the streets appear. Saint nicholas is aware that this is for many people quite a scare.

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