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Singer Dotan gives deception in emotional video message

The Dutch singer Dotan admits he’s on social media fake accounts used to promote themselves. “It is something that I very much regret and which I very stupid to me.’

The singer-songwriter Dotan (31), known from the hit ‘Home’, has in recent years dozens of fake accounts on social media made to himself to heaven. That wrote The Volkskrant last weekend, and the singer is now also in an emotional video message.

‘I must admit that I at the beginning of my career in 2011 am going to look into the possibilities for my music to promote the man and that I the support have enabled a number of profiles and channels on social media, cross Dotan in the message of shore.

“I have that worked out with a team, and that’s something I very much regret and which I very stupid to me. I was very naive and far too ambitious and insecure, I think.’

Sick little boy

The singer also goes into the story about the boy with leukemia, that he would have spoken after a gig. Newspaper De Volkskrant discovered that the young boy not at all existed. ‘It is something I absolutely away from do not from my head, that I have not written and that I really like, ” says the singer now.

The Dutchman says with a clean slate to want to start over. He now has his accounts on social media is erased and a tour cancelled. “I want to work hard and hope that one day I the music can speak.’

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