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Satoshi’s birthday was celebrated this week

Bitcoin’s Creator (or group of creators) designated the date of his birthday, appropriately, which is an Event that goes much deeper than the technology itself – an event, a changing point for American as well as global freedoms.

Satoshi for freedom

Many Americans believe that your Dollar is backed by Gold. This is since the year 1971, however, not the case. At the time, President Richard Nixon ordered the end of of direct Gold-to-Dollar conversion.

Gold lost in America, the Status of lawful means of payment on the 05. In April 1933, most of the other States followed during the “Great Depression”.

“As the Supreme command of the President”

Published on 05. April 1933 – “All persons must, on or before the 01. May, 1933 all Gold coin, gold bullion, or Gold certificates to a Federal Bank, branch or Agency, or staff of the Bundesbank.“

In an E-Mail conversation with Satoshi, it is clear that his main concerns about digital money, and the fact that he decided to remain anonymous strengthens the presumption that he will benefit no Plan of his invention. As a response to the fact that crypto-currencies can not solve political problems, explains to Satoshi that digital currencies can support a political movement.

Yes, but we can win a great battle in this fight and a new territory to win, which
Freedom for several years could allow.

Governments can eliminate centralized organizations, such as Napster without any problems, pure P2P networks such as Gnutella or gate, however, can survive seemingly.


Education dictates the future

People who try Bitcoin to understand often ask first: “Is it covered by anything?”. The concept appears to be confusing and extraordinary, but this same majority thinks the current System of Fiat currency that is backed in “full Faith” as something completely normal.

The concept, which explains how the US is covered in dollars, is explained in a 19-Page report from the Pennsylvania Law School. Bitcoin’s white paper, which is the same explained for Bitcoin, in contrast, is barely 8 pages long and, for a technology that the world is trying to change, quite simple to understand.

The lack of historical Knowledge and economic understanding will be the currencies of the strongest impediment to the introduction of Crypto.

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