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Safety concerns at Coinsecure: Bitcoin “disappeared”

Coinsecure, one of the largest stock exchanges of India, reported a theft of Bitcoin. In a Letter to the CEO of the exchange, turns to the Cyber-police of the country, and makes your CSO for the Lack of 438,318 Bitcoin, responsible. On your own website, the stock exchange involved already in contradictions, by confused Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Gold.

Even if it would leave the Name of the stock exchange might suspect, quite so sure Coinsecure does not seem to be. How can the Homepage of one of the largest stock exchanges of India refer to, came recently-well-438 Bitcoin lost. This amount of Coins, the rates are at the current Bitcoin-about 3 million Euro of value, should, apparently, have the CSO of the stock stolen.

In an indictment, the police is the Cyber-New Delhi, the CEO of Coinsecure the CSO is responsible for the theft. Therefore, the Only ones that have access to the Private Keys, CSO Dr. Amitabh Saxena and CEO Mohit Kalra.

A Lot Of The Uncertainty

On its Website, the exchange emphasized in a message from the 12. April, furthermore, that the System of the stock exchange had been attacked at any time. Rather, the Coins were lost, as Dr. Amitabh Saxena Bitcoin wanted to distribute the Gold to the customer. After that, he reported, apparently, that the Coins were “disappeared”. According to the message you were lost, after he had read out the Private Keys.

So far, it is unclear what kind of Coins it is actually. In the indictment, the police is the Cyber-New Delhi, is Bitcoin the speech. In your blog post, however, Coinsecure laments the loss of Bitcoin Gold.

To avoid that, Dr. Amitabh Saxena is leaving the country, calls for the Mohit Kalra, the competent authority shall withdraw his former colleagues in the passport.

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