Russians: research poison gas Douma Wednesday

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THE HAGUE – An international team of experts that the possible poison gas attack in the Syrian Douma wants to investigate, can Wednesday get to work. That expectation is expressed to the Russian ambassador at the organization against chemical weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

In a makeshift hospital by poison gas affected citizens helped.

According to the Russians themselves, has no poison-gas attack occurred. Their experts were Thursday and Friday in Douma and would have no evidence found.

The American and British secret service would be behind it. “That so-called attack is staged. They were not one body. There is no other plausible explanation”, stated ambassador Alexander Sjoelgin at a press conference. On the question what evidence he has, he replied: “Trust us, that is to say the British and Americans also.”

Still no access

A team of researchers from the OPCW wants to see for themselves if there is actually a poison-gas attack was made, and what gas is used. The West thinks the Syrian regime, which is supported by the Russians, behind the attack on the rebellenbolwerk sat. The mission of the OPCW was still no access to the area in Douma that would be affected.

According to the Russians, research is slowed by the retaliatory action of the Americans, British and French last Friday night. Ambassador Sjoelgin called it a gross lie that Russia, the OPCW-delegation for security reasons from entering.

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