Russian journalist dies after mysterious fall

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Maxim Borodin has died after he was out of his apartment on the fifth floor fell. The Russian journalist was the last time immersed in the death of Russian mercenaries in Syria.

Journalist Maxim Borodin was often found by neighbors at his apartment building in the Russian city of Jekatarinaburg. The man was taken to the hospital, but died there of his injuries.

According to the local authorities was Borodins flat along the inside closed and there were no other persons at the death involved. There was no suicide note found, but Borodins death would not be suspicious.

Armed men in flat

Vyacheslav Basjkov, a friend of Borodin, however, stated that to him two days before his death at 5 o’clock in the morning, had been contacted with the message that ‘someone with a weapon on his balcony, and men in camouflage clothing with masks in the stairwell, walked”.

Borodin wanted according to Basjkov a lawyer under the arm. Later he called Basjkov however back to a call that he had made a mistake. The men of the security services allegedly participated in a kind of exercise.

OSCE: ‘Very worrying’

The editor-in-chief of Novi The, the newspaper in which Borodin worked, stated earlier that they are a crime could not be excluded. According to her, had Borodin no reason to suicide to commit. Harlem Désir of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) called the Borodins death ‘very worrying’ and called for a thorough investigation.

Borodin had the past few weeks some of the pieces written about the command ‘Wagner’. That Russian mercenaries killed in Syria by American bombing.

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