‘Russia has not interfered with site chemical attack’

dbbb0ac29af6a5db33dbb116850d6688 - ‘Russia has not interfered with site chemical attack’

In an interview with the BBC confirmed Sergei Lavror, Russian minister of Foreign Affairs: “I can guarantee that Russia will not tampering with the site.’ The suspected chemical attack led Friday to a combined bombardment from the US, UK and France on Syria.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will conduct an investigation into the suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma on april 7. The organization, however, has still not gained access to the area. The American ambassador to the OPCW, Kenneth Ward, said to Reuters that he was worried that Russian troops would tamper with conscious the site.

Russia denies emphatically that she tampered with the site after the suspected chemical attack in Douma, Syria. Even more, the minister of Foreign Affairs guarantees that there is of tampering is not involved. He also said that the suspected chemical attack has taken place. “The evidence from France, the UK and the US is based on reports from the media and social media,” said Lavrov. ‘The attack has not taken place, it is all staged.’

Lavrov wondered why the US and its allies chose Syria to bomb on the eve of the inspection of OPCW.


In the night from Friday to Saturday, Belgian time, both cruise missiles and fighter aircraft of the USA, the British and the French chemical plants and research centers, in Syria, in retaliation for the chemical attack on the rebellenstad Douma the previous week. The dead were allegedly not, but the usa say ‘the heart of the chemical weapons of Assad have turned off. If that is so is yet to be discovered.

According to Lavrov have two-thirds of the 100 missiles to their target missed.

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