Robin Van Persie delivers From the Hum of headaches

2f8def7a691de50e95b51f8c38ec9c68 - Robin Van Persie delivers From the Hum of headaches

What have I to do with Robin van Persie? That question takes on AZ coach John van den Brom to take home after his spionagetrip in The Cockpit for the cup final on Sunday. The highlight of the city’s inhabitants showed for the umpteenth time his class to see, and made the best of three goals against FC Utrecht 3-1.

Robin van Persie made it five goals in his last seven league games.

The figures of robin Van Persie are in the service of Feyenoord since his return to the phenomenal: seven shots on goal, six goals. Five goals in his last seven league games. In the semi-finals of the KNVB-cup to bounce back, he also touch.

Who are speelminuten are watching, discovered that his average per goal is still sensationeler. One goal per 58 minutes, there is many a striker in the Premier league jealous.

In the first three months, the Team carefully addressed with the top scorer of all times of Orange. In retrospect not really all that crazy. The old hand (34) is a week before the cup final still, he is in form and he races to decide, as no other. Exactly what Feyenoord will against AZ need.

But it difficult for Van den Brom is soon, or he from the first minute Of the fa cup should count. And if he starts, how he stops him? The man with the golden left leg, which is twice excellent he performed only one time because of offside, a goal looked frowned upon to be, in record time every time is essential.


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